A Definition of Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is the service you require in order to render your website accessible on the web for the whole world to see. There are many individuals who wish to possess their very own online portal, which is the reason why the web hosting industry is blooming and pulsating with life.

Sell website hosting services, get a chunk of the pie yourself!

Why not become a web hosting vendor then? 'What about all the trouble of leasing web hosting servers, billing clients, hiring employees and going around data center facilities to find out which one is the best?', you might query. No, no, that is not how it is being done anymore! You can be a hosting reseller! That's correct - you can sell the hosting services offered by another hosting company, on behalf of your own brand. This practice is not novel and has been growing in popularity as a means to earn decent cash on the side. It can be a main source of revenue for you too, but that totally depends on how serious you are about investing time in attracting clients. Yes, tempting clients - that is your principal job as a web hosting reseller, even though, depending on the reseller web hosting services provider you are using, you might have to also set up your website and bill and support your customers yourself.

The most effortless way to be a hosting reseller

There is a possibility to evade all that. I've discovered it myself only recently and am very happy about it. It is a one-of-a-kind Free Reseller Program where you do not have to purchase any of the web hosting solutions in advance yourself - you simply register for a hosting reseller account, which includes marketing tools and lots of price and hosting product modification options. The reseller hosting company that offers it is ResellersPanel. I've found their client support staff to be extremely cooperative every time I've experienced any technical difficulty.

Reseller Hosting

ResellersPanel permits you to sell all their hosting services - from shared website hosting solutions to dedicated servers. They also have semi-dedicated and private virtual web servers (VPSs). With their private virtual servers and dedicated web hosting servers they offer 3 CPs and a free-of-cost billing software tool - ClientExec. They activate it for you the moment you ask for it, as it cannot be immediately activated without certain extra info needed from you.


The greatest thing about their reseller hosting scheme, though, is that there are no limitations as to how much you can sell. There are no hosting server disk space or traffic restrictions, there is no limit to the number of customers you can accommodate. You are like a portal through which customers flood an infinitely large luncheonette and start ordering whatever meal they want - the platoon in the kitchen will furnish everything that's on the menu for each and every client that arrives.

I still have a cPanel reseller account with another reseller hosting solutions provider, but plan to migrate it over to ResellersPanel, because they offer a cPanel reseller hosting program as well. Till now, they have been able to offer me a fantastic technical support service and I am convinced that my shared web hosting, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting web server and dedicated server hosting customers will obtain a similar kind of professional help. The cPanel web hosting clients, though, continue to be my duty, so I am intent on transferring them over to a non-cPanel web hosting solution in order to concentrate more on the marketing side.